Life can be so challenging. With the hectic pace and all the demands, people tend to feel stressed out and overworked. Will and I have had our struggles and our share of seasons that we couldn’t wait to dig our way out of…

But, “life is SHORT”. We have one life to live. Honestly, who wants to settle for good? How about GREAT? Don’t ever lose sight of the relationship that is most important. 

What if we helped show you how to go from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY? What if we threw out some great steps and actions to enhance, rejuvenate and rekindle your relationship? We have followed a strategy that has helped us create more extraordinary days than ordinary days. 

DON’T WAIT, create the very best version of your marriage or relationship that you can. 

"We loved our O2E experience. Time well invested."

- Gina and Dave Wright

Gina and Dave Wright
Will and Jodi Short

The Duo Behind Ordinary to Extraordinary

Will and Jodi Short have been married for nearly three decades and are committed to helping other couples flourish in their lives and relationships. The Short's founded O2E in 2019 and are on a mission to impact the lives of others.